6th December 2013:  Legendary radio broadcaster Tiger Tim Stevens MBE has been named as Radio Clyde Cash for Kids' first Ambassador.

The presenter, who joined Radio Clyde in 1974 and who presented his last show on the station in 2010, will support the charity and its work supporting projects and community initiatives aimed at helping vulnerable children in Glasgow and the west of Scotland.

Debbie Fraser, Regional Charity Manager for Radio Clyde Cash for Kids said: "Tiger Tim is a legend to many in the west of Scotland and we are delighted that he's agreed to be our first Ambassador.  Lots of people grew up listening to him in the evenings and he remains highly thought of and highly respected across the region.  His help iraising awareness of the work that Radio Clyde Cash for Kids does and the need for continued support to help the most vulnerable children in our communities will be vital.

  "The charity supports a wide range of children's groups across the city including thosedealing with the harsh reality of child poverty. Shockingly in some parts of Glasgow one in every two children is living in poverty so every penny raised for the charity will go right to the frontline to help improve the lives of these young people."

Tiger Tim Stevens said:  "I was involved with Cash for Kids when it launched back in 1980 and the impact it has had on children over the last 33 years has been incredible.  In its early days it was set up to provide for children at Christmas time but the charity is now working throughout the year helping and supporting people and groups working with vulnerable kids.

  provide financial support towards the cost of staff who deliver the vital projects
*   fund equipment or events where individual children can benefit from direct participation
*   fund day trips, team building sessions and critical family interaction time
*   fund a group trip or an outing or a Christmas party for children who would otherwise never have this opportunity
*   fund individual Christmas presents, Christmas dinner or winter clothing and shoes

All costs for administering and running the charity are paid by The Hunter Foundation, allowing Cash for Kids to distribute 100% of donations received to vulnerable children in the west of Scotland either through community grants or family grants. 

Tim & George Bowie